The Challenges of Digital Content Management

Proof of Ownership of Digital Content

Digital content management faces two types of challenges – those faced by users and those faced by rights-holders. Users often misunderstand the usage of digital images online and the corresponding licensing options. On the other hand, rights-holders have few or no methods to prove ownership of original content and derivative work.


Also, they often have inadequate tools to track the usage of their copyrighted images and identify violations. Both users and rights-holders are faced with the challenge of reducing the cost of payments, and these costs are invariably added to the price of use-rights. In addition, both groups struggle with facilitating seamless and timely settlement of payments.

COPYTRACK – Global Copyright Register

COPYTRACK – Existing Business with Extreme Growth

COPYTRACK – Existing Business with Extreme Growth


In an extremely short time frame, COPYTRACK has grown to become the leading company in the worldwide market of highly automated copyright enforcement. Starting in Berlin and having a presence in New York and Tokyo has allowed us to directly engage with artists and their networks all over the world, and has helped us to quickly increase our customer base. The lack of entry hurdles ensured high conversion at all steps of our processes.

The Future of Global Copyright Registration


At the core of COPYTRACK is the creation of a global decentralized copyright register for digital content, which authenticates users and links digital intellectual property. This registry will generate a unique ecosystem for rights-holders, thereby providing new e-client marketplaces. With its cutting edge technology and processes, it is well-suited to globally address the key challenges in the industry and will be open to the public.

Licensing + Payments – CPY-Token


CPY will be the native token on our blockchain platform. It will be used for payment in our flexible and modular licensing systems. This enables automated payments to rights-holders based on licenses they design themselves in our friendly and easy-to-use interface. The blockchain and underlying smart contract interface can be extended to incorporate a wide range of additional functionality such as programmatic contracts, variable pricing, and payment routing.

COPYTRACK´s Business Model

Transparency for Ownership and Licensing of Digital Content

Currently, COPYTRACK’s services are geared towards searching for our customers’ images across the web. If there is a successful match, we then move forward with enforcement and licensing. However, we will expand our services to include registering images via the blockchain and provide a new marketplace for artists and

buyers. COPYTRACK will set the precedent for a global, transparent and decentralized register for copyrights of digital content. At the same time, COPYTRACK will implement the first use-case for the decentralized ledger: The Global Copyright Register for Images, followed by a transparent Image Marketplace.

Free & Open Copyright Register

The Future of Digital Content 

How will the Copyright Register work?

Our new platform consists of 5 layers and begins with creating an account, followed by the upload of images, proof of authorship and ends with the artist exercising full copyright control. After creating an account, an artist will upload an image. We will then perform an audit on the authenticity of the authorship and if successful provide a blockchain- based certificate to prove ownership. From here on out, the artist maintains complete copyright control.

Why the World needs an open Copyright Register?

Images used without valid License0%

Rate of Image Uploads per Year0%

Clarification by Post-Licensing0%


Creating Value based on a Successful History

Step #1: ICO

ICO Time Frame: Dec. 10th, 2017 – Feb. 9th, 2018

Our ICO is officially closed now! In just a few weeks we received an incredible amount of support from partners and the community and managed to sell 16,003,995 CPY tokens. Our copyright enforcement portal Copytrack has been one of the market leaders in the field of copyright protection for several years. With the “Global Copyright Register” we will create more transparency and fairness for the image rights market.

Step #2: The Global Copyright Register

The „Global Copyright Register“ of COPYTRACK is open to every rights holder of image rights, no matter whether it´s product images, graphics, logos, or amateur photography. The use of the register is free. The blockchain we developed will even be open to be used by other businesses and use cases for digital content right like video, music or contracts and we will even offer an API for that.

Step #3: Token-Swap

As outlined in our roadmap, we will initially launch an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. In Q2 2018, we will perform a token swap of the 53.000.000 ERC-20 tokens onto our new chain. At this point, node operators will be eligible to receive compensation in CPY for securing the network using our Proof-of-Stake consensus model.

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